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About Fragging Monk

Fraggingmonk Technologies Pvt Limited was incorporated in early 2014, by the team which put up LXG, with the aim of providing users with the most powerful Gaming machines in India. We bring in years of experience we have gathered being gaming enthusiasts to build systems that perform from a gamers point of view.

Fraggingmonk rigs are based and built around the fact that we have a clear understanding of the potential of each and every component that goes into the system. This allows us to offer customized modding solutions to hard core gaming enthusiasts or a preconfigured system to a casual gamer. We believe in catering to all categories of gamers..

Stunning Design
Cool & Quiet
Best Performance

You can also call us from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. (CST) Monday through Friday for any kind of help.
Our Avalaible Numbers are: +91-9902953200.

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